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This term represents a wide range of textile, rubber and plastic industry products as well as Bitumen-polymer and Bentonite membranes, which are in particular used for civil, geo-technical, environmental and hydraulic engineering.


These are permeable and filtering materials. Flat structures that can be woven or not woven depending on the fact that they are formed by a regular weaving of two or more synthetic fibres yarns sequence or by their accidental arrangement, fixed by mechanical or thermal methods cohesion.
Applications: filtering, separation and protection of soils.


These are made of waterproof materials. They may be synthetic (homogeneous or reinforced, Plastomeric or Elastomeric type, LDPE, HDPE, PVC, PP), bituminous (obtained by the processing of a melted mixture of bitumen, plastomeric and/or elastomeric polymers with mineral charges, having a very low permeability factor),bentonitic (made of sodium bentonite and geo-synthetics, having the shape of a thin clay layer held by two geo-textiles or glued to a synthetic geo-membrane).
Applications: Waterproofing.


Above all they are used to function as strengths and they may be extruded (made by polymer materials, generally high density polyethylene or polypropylene), a fabric (mesh shaped, made by synthetic fibres at high modulus, generally polyester) or "welded strips" (two or more series of fibres or other synthetic elements connected at regular intervals by welding mean).
Applications: Strengthening and stabilization of steep, slopes subject to landslides, and retaining wall construction.

Other products

Geo-mesh, Geo-mat, Geo-cells, Geo-composite, Bio-mat, Bio-mesh.
Application: Erosion control, surface stabilization and dumps drainage.




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