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Silos, Scaffoldings, Reinforcing Steel


By means of corrugated steel plates we can build silos for corn storage or, using special methods of waterproofing, make tanks of any size for water preservation.
In some cases this material has been used to build water wells.


For large hydraulic works (dams), civil (viaducts), buildings (skyscrapers) or sporting events (stadiums) it's necessary to resort to catwalks to ensure the safety of workers who shall do their job at remarkable height above the ground.
They are easy to use and are extremely quick to assemble and disassemble. They allow the customer to create large structures and then to recover all the utilized material for a further employment.

Reinforcing Steel

We supply only High Quality bars that comply with international standards and furnished with certificates of control bodies.
Bridges and viaducts are designed for the use of such a high quality steel and therefore uniformity and conformity to technical specifications make it a guaranteed product.


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